Hello From The Flipside

And here we are, new home, and relatively set up and ready to go.

I was able last week to (finally) set up my brand new work area in the new house, and I’m bubbling with excitement. I want to do all the things all at once. Especially after taking a several-weeks break from making, now I feel like that’s all I want to do (and damned be all the work and chores).

Of course that’s not realistic because I still have work and chores to do, but I have been enjoying my new work area with gusto.

I’m still woefully behind on my Fibre Notes, and I’m even more woefully behind on my 51 Yarns Spin-a-Long. I actually have some holiday gift making that will have to take front and centre for the next few weeks, but I felt a wee update to the site was appropriate.

I still have some organizing and moving around of things to do to get the work space exactly how I want it, but I’m aiming for some major updating of the site (and shop!) to happen either the end of December or early January – that timeline really depends on when the yarn I’m having milled is completed and shipped back.

But, barring all that, I’m hoping to have a little Fibre Notes update for you in December. It won’t be a “here’s what I did last month” but rather an amalgamation of what I did over the past few months.

Boy it feels good though to finally be situated.