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Please reference the Wool FAQ here and the Store Policies here.


Fleece Sources

Where do you source your fleeces from?

I source all the fleeces on this website from the farmers. Most are in Alberta, but I hope to expand into Western Canada. On each product page you’ll see the region the fleece originates from.


I’m a farmer, and I’m interested in selling some of my fleece to you.

Awesome – I would love to hear from you! Please shoot me a message through the contact page.



Can I purchase a whole fleece from you?

At this time I’m not selling whole fleeces – but if you require a large or custom amount of raw wool, please contact me! I’d be happy discuss what you need.


Tell me about your weight options.

I know not everybody wants to process a whole fleece – it’s a big job! That’s why I offer a range of weight options, good for a project at a time, or for your own breed studies.  I’m happy to discuss with you if you require a custom amount, please shoot me a message on the contact page and we can discuss what you’re after.


Will 100, 125, 250, etc. wool give me that much yarn?

No, there will be some loss due to washing and fibre prep. How much will depend on each fleece’s characteristics, along with how you wash and prep your wool. I recommend getting a bit more than you think you’ll need in order to get all yarn required for your finished project.


Receiving Your Wool

Has the wool been skirted?

Yes, all the wool stocked has been skirted by the shearer, farmer, and/or myself. Shearers initially skirt the fleece while shearing, and then the farmer or myself go over it a second time. There will still be vegetable matter and dirty spots (it’s raw fleece, after all!), but I will remove the tags, less desirable parts of the fleece, and as many second cuts as I can before it gets to you.


Washed Fleece

Washed, but unprepped fleece is a new addition to the shop. Washed means the fleece has gone through a cleaning process where the lanolin has been removed. Please note there will still be some vegetable matter in washed fleeces – this generally comes out during the prepping stage (combing, flick carding, carding, etc.).


Who washes the fleece?

I do right at home. I follow the same process I do for washing my own fleeces. You can see how I do that here.


Have all your fleeces been spun?

Absolutely – I don’t offer anything for sale unless I’ve processed and spun a sample of the fibre myself. On most of the product pages you can view a sample of yarn that I have spun with that wool, along with notes on how I spun it.


Do I have to wash the wool myself?

Everything listed with “Raw” is fresh off the animal, and hasn’t been washed or processed in any way, besides skirting. Everything listed as “washed” has been cleaned, but it will still require prep in order to spin.


Where are you located?

Dominion Fleece & Fibre is located in Alberta, Canada. This is an online-only shop, but there is a pick up option for local residents.