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Fibre Sale On Until August 12th!

Hello everybody! First let me say, I know I totally have not uploaded my Fibre Notes for July. It’s a work in progress so to speak, so I’ve decided to combine with August.

Now that’s out of the way, if you follow along on Dominion F&F social media, you know I’ve been having a 20% off sale on all in-stock fibre goods the past week. That includes washed fibre, prepped fibre, and all yarns. That sale ends tomorrow, August, 12th at midnight MST, so if you’ve been eyeballing some fibre goods now is definitely the time to get it. No coupon is needed, the discount is automatically applied when you put the items in your cart.

Sales on fibre goods are not something I generally do. That’s because the cost of producing a 100% local fibre good (all the way down the production chain) is not a cheap process, and doesn’t lend itself to sales. There’s a reason why large North American companies who have mills everywhere BUT the US/Canada can routinely offer you wool products for $5/skein – somebody somewhere isn’t being paid fairly along the line (probably several points, let’s face it).⁠

So why am I having a sale, you ask? Because we had a good sized arborist bill, and our dryer crapped out. So here’s a good opportunity for me to move some stock AND supplement those bills. The previous owners unfortunately did not take care of the trees on the property, and to prevent damage/ensure the health of the trees we wanted to get that taken care of before it caused BIG problems (regular high winds + sickly trees = disaster for roofs and fences waiting to happen). Then, mysteriously, our dryer died, and because everything has computers in it, it’s cheaper just to replace then repair. Which is infuriating on so many levels, but there you have it.⁠

So, there you have it! The perfect confluence of events for a sale. I likely won’t be doing one again, especially when the new yarns are in, so if you want to get some discounted fibre goods, now’s the time.

Thanks everybody for your support!