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Fibre Notes

In a discussion in the Wool ‘N Spinning slack group, there’s a lot of planning going down in making in 2020. There are some truly inspiring projects planned – from make nines to 20 in 2020. It got me thinking quite a bit, and reflecting on how I work.

I think my method can be best called organized chaos. I have some strict rules I keep for myself (one project at a time, lest nothing gets finished), but other than that I’m not a long-term making planner. I have some things I like to work on again and again (my yearly sweater spin-to-knit is becoming an annual tradition), but I almost never plan more than a single project ahead. I find if I do that (because oh yes, I have tried in the past), I quickly learn that no plan survives first contact with me.

But one thing my friend Rebecca highlighted was her monthly round ups on her blog, and how that’s a useful way for her to reflect on what she’s done. I have decided I very much like that idea.

I kind of do that on Instagram (I’m forever talking about whatever it is I’m working on over there), but that’s here and there. And Instagram is mostly about the images, not the words. I like the idea of a monthly compendium of fibrey makings, especially with the space to breathe and revisit after each one.

Not being one to wait for things like New Years (if something is a good idea, start it right away has always been my motto), I’m going to be starting this up at the end of November/beginning of December. I’m going to keep it relatively tightly focused as well – it will be all hand spun, and things made with said hand spun (so no knitting-only projects, unless I also made the yarn).

Many of the same projects you’ll see pop up over several months – from getting the fibre, to the prep, to the spin, to the finished project. I’ll be using tags extensively so you can simply click on a tag and see the whole project from start to finish (I’m hoping this doesn’t get unwieldy).

I’m an extensive note-taker already, but I focus very heavily on the technical side – WPI, TPI, gauge and all those numbers. This series will be more about my general thoughts on a project – how it’s going, what to change, what I loved, etc. I’m really looking forward to attacking my making from this angle – and especially thanks to Rebecca who really inspired this whole idea.