Shop Updates

Spring Shearing Is Coming…

You may have noticed the shop is beginning to look just a wee bit bare. I’ve completely run out of some fleeces, and am running extremely low on others.

Never fear, it’s just the seasonal nature of local wool.

Shearing dates are coming, and in fact I’ve already acquired the first few fleeces of the year, and I’m really excited about them. Now I just have to wait for the cold to finally die off, and I can get down to some serious skirting and sorting.

I’ll actually be ramping up production (so to speak) this year in terms of fibre. I’ve connected with even more farmers to bring even more breeds to the shop. I’ll also be greatly increasing the amount of washed, but unprepped fibre for you guys.

I’m also really excited to announce I’ll have a booth at the Edmonton Fibre Frolic on May 25th. More details on that to come, but I do plan on having a selection of carded batts featuring the breed specific wools from this shop available, along with a large selection of washed fibre. I’ll also be selling my knitting patterns, so I hope you will come down to say hello (don’t worry, I’ll post a lot more details as the time draws near).

Despite the fact it’s still cold outside (we were under an extreme cold warning for two whole weeks), I’m definitely getting a feeling for spring.