Shop Updates

Samplers Now In Stock

Firstly, I want to say a big old thank you to everybody who placed orders in the first week of the shop’s opening! All your orders are merrily on their way, and I hope you have a fantastic time prepping and experimenting with your new fibres.

I’ve done my first shop update – and I know have samplers listed!

You’ll find a collection just for primitive breeds, along with two more sample packs that will give you a nice cross section of what is currently in stock.

The primitive breed sampler is available in two sizes – three packs of 50 grams or three packs of 100 grams.

The Dominion F&F samplers come in two sizes – 50 grams each of six breeds or ten breeds. In both of these you will not only find purebred samples, but also crossbreeds from a selection of different wool types – from fine to down breeds and everything in between.

All breeds in the sampler packs are bagged and labelled, so you can work with them all separately, or combine them to create a really unique hand spun yarn.