Farm Visits - Shop Updates

Farm Visits & Shop Updates

When I first started this little venture, my husband was slightly confused (he gets it now!). Other people in my life continue to be slightly confused. “Why would anybody want raw, dirty wool?” I get asked. I explain to them spinning and fibre crafts – which they get – but the leap from getting something clean that you can just start spinning, versus starting from the raw source can be hard to wrap your mind around for those not familiar with the process. I’ve even taken to carrying around bits of fleece so that if the subject comes up I have something tactile to show people. So far it’s been a great simple teaching tool, and I love seeing the light come in people’s eyes when they understand.

From wool to yarn is something we spinners see on a regular basis, but that disconnect between raw source to finished product is something most people don’t think about. It’s been an awesome experience explaining that process and showing people the steps we go through to make that finished yarn.

And you guys! I’ve had so many orders from all across Canada already, and I’m insanely excited to share the raw wool love with you all. Sometimes people can make you feel like a bit of a nutter driving all over the province and collecting raw wool to spin, but through Dominion F&F I’ve already had the opportunity to connect with so many of you guys that it’s been such an awesome experience for me, and I hope for you too.


First farm visit

That’s right – farm visit season is officially upon us here in Alberta. My first trek was to Lamont County yesterday to visit a flock of Merino and Crossbreed sheep and it was amazing. It was a good idea for me to bring only a set amount of cash, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to fit everything I wanted into the car!

I’m really excited about the selection I grabbed, and I think you will be too. Next step is to skirt and then spin samples – a step I always take prior to listing on this site. After that’s completed I’ll be offering quantities for sale here.

Announcements for when that is live will be through the email list and social media. To join the mailing list just plug your email into the form to your right, and to find me on Instagram go here and Facebook here.


Wool Washing Primer

I’ve created a page just for washing your wool at home. This is exactly how I do it myself – and while there’s no ultimate best way to wash your wool, it’ll give you a jumping off point so you can use these steps to figure out the right way for you. You can follow the link in the menu above under Wool FAQ, or click right here.


WPI Tool

I’m super excited about these little tools. Some of you who have ordered from me recently will have probably received one of these in your wool package as a little thank you for ordering.

I had these custom made locally, and I’m really excited about the possibilities for other tools this has afforded me. These WPI tools are laser cut and engraved, and come with a 1″ section and a 1/2″ section so you can easily measure the WPI of your spun yarn.

Added bonus – since they were laser cut, if you give them a sniff they smell like a campfire (seriously!).

You can check out the WPI tool listing here in the shop, and stay tuned because I have more plans for supplies coming down the pipe within the next few months.


New Flat Rate Shipping!

Last but not least – I know shipping with Canada Post is painful, and while I try to get the shipping cost down as much as possible (your wool will more than likely come vacuum packed!), it’s still bulky. Canada Post ships by volume rather than weight – and unfortunately for us fibre artists wool is light but bulky.

But, having said that – I now have a flat rate shipping option! When Canada Post gives you a rate that’s wacky high, just select the flat rate option – it’ll be the same rate no matter how much wool you get. The flat rate option is much like expedited shipping – it comes with insurance, tracking, and will be delivered in 1-7 days (depending on where in the country you are).