Shop Updates

Shop Update: Soon Maybe?

I’ve been working this summer slowly on the shop, haven’t I? It’s been a bit of a process. Of course with COVID that changed how I normally do things, but even on top of that I’ve found myself being very slow with things in general.

Although I must say, I am working a bunch behind the scenes. Since I decided to pivot some this year and offer more washed than raw, I’ve been working busily away on that. I have quite a healthy stock of some washed wools now. I’m planning on listing everything all at once, hence the lag. But we’ll get there.

And I didn’t realize until about a week ago that I completely forgot my June Fibre Notes, so at the end of July I’ll have one big round up (which will include what I did for Tour de Fleece 1.0 this year). Hint: it didn’t go quite as planned, but I’m still chalking it up to a success.

Lastly, I’ve started the process to getting some wool milled right here in Alberta! I got a windfall of some North Country Cheviot, and knowing my limits I started looking at options with how to handle it all. I’ve decided to send a bunch of it down to Rosebud River Fibre Mill, so I will have a small selection of some yarns (maybe naturally dyed?) and roving grown and milled right here in Alberta. I’m so excited about that.

That’ll be some months before it’s all back to me and ready to be used, but I’ll be updating you along the way with the process and how it’s all going.