Southdown/Jacob X Shetland #2 (Washed)


Southdown/Jacob X Shetland sheep.

Nice crimp like a Southdown, but with the colour variation of a Jacob and Shetland. Fleece is about 75% white with dark brown, and grey in it as well.  Very soft, and quite clean for being unjacketed – washed fleece has very light amounts of VM that come out easily during prep.

Staple length: 3 – 4.5″(7.6 – 11.4cm)

Spun sample shown with a 3-ply worsted prep, spun using short forward draw from a hand combed prep. All colours were combined to make the dark warm grey in the yarn.

Note: You will receive a random selection of colouring from this fleece when you purchase.

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Wool Type

Medium Wool

Sourced From

Central Alberta


White, brown, grey

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100 grams